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Find all the essential information of a card

by having the BIN search on the first six digits

BIN Lookup Secret : meaning of the numbers on credit, debit cards

meaning of numbers on credit, debit cards

The first digit is the MII - Major Industry Identifier

It designates category of the entity issuing a payment card:

The group of first 6 digits is the Bank Idetification Number ("BIN")

It identifies the institution that issued the card

So all cards; regardless of credit, debit, charge or prepaid; can be looked up by their BIN (also called IIN). A card starts with 553385 is an Australia And New Zealand Banking Group LTD MasterCard (MC) Corporate Card. 627794 designates an ICICI Bank of Canada MasterCard (MC) Icard level Card.

The 7th digit to the next to last are the person's account number.

With the range from 9 to 12 digits, this number range represents unique IDs up to for trillions of people. As such, when someone gets a new credit card, the number from the 7th position to before the last uniquely identifies him/her only.

The last digit is the checksum digit for detecting errors

This card digit is solely used for validating the whole number using the Luhn formula. The formula is also called the "mod 10" formula. For a long time, It has been really good and quick for ID number validation in a variety of ID applications; such as credit card numbers, US National Provider ID numbers, Social numbers, etc. Wiki for more detail.

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